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It's been a while, once again since I wrote on this blog, and would like to get a little bit better. BUT one of the reason's for the lack of blogging is time.

To have the luxury of Time & Space to do what you want to do. To create, to write, to paint, to sit, to listen, to think, to be quiet, to meditate, to have time and space to do nothing or have time and space to do your work. Is an amazing gift.

I've been at VSC - Vermont Studio Center for 2 weeks. I have been fed delicious meals, I have been given a lovely studio and a bed to sleep in. The housing is a bit old and the one I am in is a bit musty, but it's quiet and just fine.

I have been thinking ....that I have never had an Artist Residency (besides a Dune Shack) which is a residency of a different sense, with quiet, time, but no electricity or running water.

So, I got here and was very sweetly and efficiently greeted, given keys and a tour of my studio and my housing. Given a map, a plastic coffee mug and an update to meet in a few hours with everyone who just got in. We are the late coming crowd, as about 1/2 of the people have been here for two weeks already and are heading to the end of their month.

I unloaded my studio first. It was -30 degrees the first day.....the temps were dropping all day on my  thermometer while driving up. I took a few things out, placed my tables in their spots on their saw horses, and moved to my housing to unload. I wanted to do it while it was still light out.

My Studio!

lot's of panels!

Desk and chair

View out my Studio
So, I had settled in, had a few meetings (welcome and a visual arts committee meeting), then a great and tasty dinner, then I went back to my studio and got it set up for a full day of making work tomorrow.

I began on some 8" x 8" and 16" x 20"s.  I painted all day! aside from a few meals, I painted 10 hours. The other thing happening is meeting some really nice people. There is someone from Tibet next door to me. He (Karma)  is here for 2 months.  A bunch of VERY talented artists living in harmony. Strangely utopian.

Nothings like having walls!

This was my first painting of the day. 

The beginning of a wall of 8" x 8"

Every night there is something going on, from Writer's reading, or artists showing their slides or  Visiting Artists Presentations. While I'm here there was  Xaviera Simmons and David Kapp. I had studio visits with both.  I really liked the work of David Kapp.

Tulips on Table, 24" x 24"

Tulips on Table, 24" x 24"

Sok Song is a Origami Master

Here is his Monkey in a tree

Sok is also an organizer of events!
This was his Tea Party with make your own hats, supplies provided!

Stephanie enjoying her tea, with hat

Karma, getting right into the swing of it

6 different variety of Tea's green to the left, herbals to the right
Back to the Studio, still spending from 8:30 or 9:00 am to about 8:00 pm. Making some interesting works, pushing more and more.

Another view and little more snow


I just made it back home, and am reflecting on being able to paint all day, with very little distractions. The last night there was open studios where everyone opened their doors to their month or 2 weeks away!

Here are some works that I really liked!

Here is my open studio!

There was also some fun things going on! A beautiful bon-fire, great readings by poets and fiction writers, slide nights, dance parties, tea-parties....and then packing up!

 Now back to work! Thank you Vermont Studio Center! Hope to be back someday!


  1. Great synopsis Cherie! Nice to see all those familiar faces, wonderful memories and new friends:) This was a great group that just happened!

  2. Great blog post. I really enjoyed hearing about your time there, and the gift - indeed - of time and space. Wow. Two weeks to create and have all your others needs taken care of sounds pretty damn amazing...and daunting...but mostly amazing.


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